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The RNA finalist Amazir by author Tom Gamble


An idealistic young Englishman, Harry Summerfield, befriends an American oil explorer in Gibraltar in the 1930s. Their meeting sparks a journey for both men that will take them across Morocco and northern Africa, to encounter the harsh realities of Berber opposition to French colonial rule and the passion and conflict of a love for the same young French woman. Full of action, character and extraordinarily vivid local colour, this is a vast novel of adventure, romance and intrigue which keeps the reader guessing page after page. From the hustle and bustle of Marrakech to the beautiful solitude of the Atlas Mountains, and incorporating all levels of society in pre-war Morocco (from Berber tribesmen to French politicians), Amazir is a powerfully evocative work dealing with a vast spectrum of human experience – from wonder to despair. Revisiting the traditional epic-style novel format, Tom Gamble's Amazir is a breathtaking journey into the souks and mountains of Morocco that chronicles a powerful love affair and a nation's political turmoil.

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Globaliation, globalization, economics, migrant flow, innovation, Brexit, free trade

The Nature of Goods and the Goods of Nature: Why anti-globalisation is not the answer

The Nature of Goods and the Goods of Nature is a voyage into the realm of economists and the fascinating way in which they view the world. With striking pragmatism, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut takes a cornerstone of economic thinking – the nature of goods – which, once understood, provides the reader with a lens that demolishes the argument for anti-globalisation.


Journeying through the eyes of a visitor to a bookshop who happens to find an unused train ticket tucked into the end pages of a story, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut and Tom Gamble unfold a voyage of awareness that links our everyday experiences with the economic theory of the nature of goods to the goods of nature – human nature, social nature, and the environment – that are essential for all of us in our quest for happiness and prosperity.

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The Kingdom of Emptiness

After a final tour of duty in Afghanistan, John Fox sees his beliefs crumble as he struggles to re-adapt to the realities of civilian life and forgiveness for a fatal error of judgement. Two thousand miles away, in remote Mauritania, Badia, an outcast, struggles to raise her son against a backdrop of setbacks as one by one her hopes for a better future are dashed. The Kingdom is the story of lives and challenges thrown together in a Saharan Mauritania steeped in the growing violence of Al-Qaeda and the secret counter-terrorism operations of the French military. Lives that meet in hope, hatred, love and redemption.

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36 Exposures, poetry, Tom Gamble writer and author

36 Exposures

This is poetry. Without academic rules and guidelines. Words that can be plucked from life and held up to shine as something unique, and a gem that perfectly captures a truth. The truth of the matter is that we all write poems. At school we write poems. When we first fall in love we write poems and later on for other loves too. When someone we cherish decides to leave the stage, we write poetry. When in hard and difficult times we do the same. And sometimes, right in the middle of thought or conversation, we surprise ourselves by the sudden conjuring up of a turn-of-phrase that stands out above the rest as being rhythmic, maybe rhyming, and certainly very pertinent. Poetry is a stolen five minutes away from the crowd, the office, the computer, the phone, the expectations and the obligations. It's like a quick and passionate kiss with a love – exciting, reassuring, rebellious and true. It pierces the heart of the wider world but strangely is pointed directly at you. There indeed is a future for it in our busy, uncertain times. So weigh anchor, look around you, share a glimpse, a thought, and a moment that maybe you have already lived and never dared to capture.

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Available in digital version and POD

Tom Gamble and the Cente de recherches Archéologiques du Vexin Français, rapport de prospection 2018-2019 sur la présence de l'homme préhstorique dans le Vexin

Du Paléolithique au Néolithique final: Les vestiges préhistoriques du plateau d'Omerville-Ambleville

Two years of archaeological research and field prospection with fellow all-weather (-8°C to +35°C!) amateur archaeologist and adventurer Lucas Binard that maps the prehistoric human activity and presence on this beautiful Vexin plateau to the west of Paris. From the Paleolithic to Mesolithic and Neolithic periods – circa minus 200,000 to circa 2,500 BCE based on nearly 4,000 flint tools collected – this report demonstrates the successive passage of older hunter-gatherer populations and inhabitancy of later Neolithic populations on the plateau and its surroundings, with several sites showing a continued frequentation over several millennia. Profound thanks to fellow amateur and professional archaeologists Jean-Gabriel Pariat, Anne Kucab, Stephane Regnard, and Roger Martinez of the Centre de Recherches Archéologique du Vexin Français (CRAVF), for their inventory analyses and editorial and publishing expertise.

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Key Terms in People Management

The bestselling reference for all those involved in human resources, management, training and industrial relations. Includes key terminology, definitions, exercises, case studies and discussion topics.

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Tal der Hoffnung, Tom Gamble, Aufbau Verlag, Deutsch

Tal der Hoffnung

The German translation and edited version of Amazir, published by leading German publisher Aufbau Verlag.

Jenseits von Marrakesch; Marokko 1938: Die junge Französin Jeanne begegnet den Freunden Jim Wilding und Harry Summerfield, mit dem sie eine heimliche Affäre beginnt. Durch einen unheilvollen Racheplan des Arabers Abrachs werden sie verraten, und Harry wird in die Berge des Atlasgebirges entführt. Jeanne findet indes Trost bei Jim-und verliebt sich in ihn. Doch schon bald werden sie durch die Wirren des Krieges getrennt und müssen eine folgenschwere Entscheidung treffen. Ein sehr interessantes Buch. Tom Gamble schreibt sehr gefühlvoll und lebendig, und er hat ja schließlich einige harte Trekkingtouren in Nordafrika miterlebt.

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Responsible Finance & Accounting

Complied and edited by Tom Gamble, with a Foreword by Professors Adrian Zicari and Qinqin Zheng

CSR, Sustainability, and Business Ethics are becoming increasingly relevant for Accounting and Finance. They are no longer merely good intentions or praiseworthy considerations. Indeed, they no longer constitute a public image “strategy” or a choice for others to implement. Today, in the context of environmental, social and governance responsibilities, as well as the lasting impact of the pandemic and cycles of crisis, they are (or are becoming) the normal way to conduct responsible and ethical business.


  • ​Reading this book will help you understand and put into practice: The SDG context and growing interest in green finance and social and environmental accounting; The big picture behind national and international stakes in green taxonomy and carbon tax and its impact on businesses and economies; Financial and economic strategies to reduce poverty and advance ESG; TechForGood initiatives in impact investing and environmental accounting; The stakes, strategies and effects of microfinance on entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs; How to model effective, low-coast social impact reporting using the Vale Added Statement; Triple Capital Accounting; Ethics in accounting practice.

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Social Enterprise: A focus on entrepreneurship for the common good

Complied and edited by Tom Gamble and Guragam Singh, with 20 faculty and practitioner contributors.

What is social enterprise? How do you know if you’ve got what it takes? How can you make it work and how does social entrepreneurship differ throughout the world?  


  • ​With a foreword by Profs. Concépcion Galdón of IE Business School, IE University and Sheila M. Cannon of Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin.

  • This 76-page publication features 20 contributor articles, key takeaways and food for thought sections on social enterprise types and strategies, research, mission, social enterprise across borders and microfinance and crowdfunding.

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Leadership, Governance, and Crisis : CSR, The New Normal, Sustainability, Business Ethics, Responsible management, responsible business practices, sustainability, greentech, diversity, sustainable supply chain, sustainable development, ethics and compliance, code of conduct, inspirational leadership, Capitalism 4.0, The New Normal.

Leadership, Governance, and Crisis

Complied and edited by Tom Gamble, Megha Sureshkar and Guragam Singh, with 27 faculty and practitioner contributors.

The large-scale upheavals of recent times have left people without a compass bearing which has created extremity of thought and of leadership. Leadership, Governance, and Crisis offers a new bearing for all those interested in ethical leadership, better governance and business with a purpose.


  • ​With a foreword by Profs. Tanusree Jain, Trinity Business School, Hari Tsoukas, Warwick Business School, and Adrian Zicari, ESSEC Business School..

  • This 100-page publication features 270 contributor articles, key takeaways and food for thought sections on on ethical leadership, stakeholder ecosystems, sustainable business practices, social and environmental reporting, talent management, and effective governance in times of crisis.

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Law, finance, sustainability, ESSEC Business School, Tom Gamble

Law, Finance & Sustainability

Prof. Hugues Bouthinon-Dumas with Tom Gamble

What is sustainable finance? And how can the law help make it reach the planet’s sustainable development goals? A new, free, downloadable publication from the Council on Business & Society from Prof. Hugues Bouthinon-Dumas, ESSEC Business School, edited and translated by Tom Gamble. 


  • ​A masterclass series of 5 insights in a mini-book

  • Key takeaways and food for thought sections

  • For practitioners, instructors, students, potential investors or simply those with an interest in and commitment to shaping a greener world.

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Negotiations, mediation, Aurélien Colson, Tom Gamble, ESSEC IRENE, ESSEC Business School

High Impact and Sustainable Negotiating

Prof. Aurélien Colson, Director of the ESSEC Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation with Tom Gamble

A fully interactive iBook including self-assessments, quizzes, videos, case studies, tools and a special feature - negotiating with the Chinese. 

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Council on Business & Society, energy, renewable energy, recruitment tips, solar, wind, hydro

Managerial Capabilities in the Energy Sector: What talent is needed?

A free eBook featuring key industry leaders collated at the Council on Business & Society 2015 Boston Forum on Energy at the crossroads of Business and Society. Contains interviews, recruitment tips and guidelines and a recruitment tool for students and graduates wishing to work in today's energy sector.

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Tom Gamble edits, writes and compiles industry expert insghts on heath and healthcar for the 21st cenury

Health and Healthcare at the Crossroads of Business and Society

Health and Healthcare at the Crossroads of Business and Society

A downloadable White Paper from the Council on Business & Society Global Forum on Health and Healthcare. This publication features insight articles and position pieces from leading academics and industry experts on topics such as hyper-ageing populations, AI and the health industry, employee well-being and leadership and management capabilities in healthcare for the 21st century. 

A downloadable White Paper from the Council on Business & Society Global Forum on Health and Healthcare. This publication features insight articles and position pieces from leading academics and industry experts on topics such as hyper-ageing populations, AI and the health industry, employee well-being and leadership and management capabilities in healthcare for the 21st century. 

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Tom Gamble: editor, author and compiler of he whte paper Corporate Govenance and Leadership

Corporate Governance and Leadership

A downloadable White Paper from the Council on Business & Society Global Forum on Corporate Governance and Leadership. McKinsey & Company, the OECD, John Deere and Siemens are just a few of the corporates contributing articles and insights to this white paper, as well as academics from among the world's leading schools of business and management: ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESP, University of Mannheim Business school, Keio Business school, and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.  

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